Kingdom Schools

Kingdom School Guidelines

As Jesus told us to go and “teach” all nations everything He commanded us, so it is the responsibility of each believer to share and spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God.


Kingdom Schools

Kingdom School is a subsidiary of The Kingdom University, where courses on the Kingdom of God and our purpose, can be taught anywhere in any language. 

There are Kingdom Schools happening now in more than ten countries.


  • On completion of the courses from the University, when a student is inspired and led by the Lord to teach what he or she learned to their people, either online or in person; we want to help them start a Kingdom School.
  • The goal of the Kingdom School is to reach more people with the message of the Kingdom of God.
  • Kingdom School provides an organized, simple and more practical way to communicate the message of the Kingdom to anyone from any culture or religion.
  • Only the courses on the Kingdom of God and our purpose will be taught through the Kingdom Schools. We will provide the Study Guide materials and PowerPoint slides which can be used to teach.


While no particular qualification is required to teach or run a Kingdom School, the potential teacher must go through training on how to facilitate a particular course. Such a person must be able to speak and read either English or their vernacular language. 

No particular building or facility is required. Kingdom Schools can be done in homes, in a church building, or at any place where people can come together once a week to study.


When they complete a course, each student will receive a certificate from the Kingdom School. Once they finish taking the courses that are offered through the Kingdom School, they can join the University to take other courses that are only offered on its platform. 


Each Kingdom School will be autonomous in its operation, as neither the Kingdom University nor the Kingdom Nation will be held liable for what is being presented or taught by a particular instructor.   


If you are interested to start a Kingdom School, and would like to know more about this, send us an email to